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Вакансии пилотов а/к Азимут
Vacancy №2036      Last updated 3 January 2019
ГрК Волга-Днепр
Группа компаний «Волга-Днепр» на протяжении 28 лет успешно представляет российскую грузовую гражданскую авиацию на международном рынке, являясь мировым лидером в сегменте перевозок сверхтяжелых и негабаритных грузов.
salary by agreement
Ulyanovsk (available for the candidates from other cities)
Shift work
Work experience over 3 years

Job function:

- AN-124-100 and IL-76TD-90VD international operations as a Pilot / Captain

Main education:

- Higher (university) Vocational Aviation

Major: Aircraft operation

Additional education / qualification:

- Valid ATPL

Type ratings: AN-124-100, IL-76, Russian/foreign aircraft


- Experience as Aircraft Pilot / Captain (at least 1000 hours), Instructor Pilot

- Experience in international operations

Special knowledge and skills:

- Experience as Captain;

- International flight operations;

- instructor experience - desired

Technical skills:

- Operation of aircraft, its systems and equipment

Language proficiency:
- Professional English, at least ICAO Level 4

Additional requirements:
- Dual citizenship Russian/USA

- Flight personnel medical restrictions – None;

- No occupational diseases


fixed remuneration, plus a variable compensation depending on flight hours and away-from-base time

Place of work:

Houston, USA; Ulyanovsk, Russia

Knowledge of foreign languages:

English (Fluent)

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